Listen to what our Customers are saying

There are so many reasons why people turn to Rockford Homes to make one of the biggest investments of thier lives. But don’t just take our word for it. We want to introduce you to some of our customers who share their stories of Quality, Trust and Value – the cornerstones of our business philosophy and what seperates Rockford Homes from other homebuilders.

Rocford Homes testimonial Columbus Ohio home builders

Referring Rockford Homes

Rockford Homes has one of the highest repeat buyer rates in Ohio. We also have one of the highest realtor referrals at over 50%! Rockford and their customers believe Rockford homes hold their value for a lifetime. The Rockford experience is something to remember forever and share with others. Our referral rate is testament to this. By striving to help the customer every step of the way and helping the customer plan far beyond the initial few years of the purchase. We want every single customer that walks through our doors to feel comfortable with referring their family and friends to Rockford.

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Working for our Customers

Building a new home can be very stressful with all the items that must be carefully thought out and planned. Rockford’s experienced Sales Team thinks about not only your needs now but the needs you might have in the future. Whether those needs are a potential mother-in-law or children, you need to plan for those future needs now. Rockford strives to give you what you want. Rockford wants you to be completely satisfied with your new home now and beyond.

Rockford Homes architecture testimonial Columbus, OH

Architecture is Important

Rockford Homes puts as much emphasis on the exterior of their new homes as they do for the interiors. Rockford’s customers continually mention the curb appeal of their homes. We want you to be excited about bringing friends and family over. Your home should be something you want to show off to everyone you meet. Your home is an reflection of you and Rockford and that is how we treat it.

Testimonial Rockford Homes Customers Columbus Ohio

Relocating with Rockford Homes

We know how difficult the moving process can be, especially when you are relocating to Ohio from out of state. Rockford will work with you every step of the way giving you a timeline on stages of the house and move in date. We pride ourselves on Integrity in keeping our word every step of the way. We will stand by our word and do exactly what we say we are going to do. Rockford Homes wants the moving process to be as simple and easy as it can possibly be because your home is as important to us as it is to you.

Testimonials Rockford Homes Columbus Ohio

See why Rockford’s Quality Stands Above the Rest

Rockford Homes prides themselves on delivering the very best quality a Home can provide. Concern over every little detail delivers a product that is second to none. When making an investment as substantial as a Home, you want your Home to be built right the first time. In order to build your home right the first time, Rockford starts at the ground floor with quality people, standards, service, and eventually the products. Rockford wants you to be proud of your home and look as if it is your dream home every single day.

Rockford Homes Community Testimonials Columbus Ohio

Rockford Cares about Our Communities

Rockford Homes strives to develop and build in communities that stand out above the rest. Rockford provides their homeowners with desirable locations that have a family feel. We take pride in providing our homeowners with a clean, maintained, spacious, and safe location. Variety in a community is an aspect that often goes overlooked, but with Rockford we will make a point to notice it. Everyone wants to be in a community that contains different style homes that work with each other. We want all our customers to drive through their neighborhood everyday loving where they live.

Customer value Rockford Homes Columbus Ohio

Value at Rockford Homes

When you buy a product no matter the price or size, you want to feel as if you are getting what you paid for. This is a priority for Rockford as buying a new home is the single most expensive purchase most people will make in their lifetime. Rockford’s customers feel as if they purchased a home that will last a lifetime and is worth every penny they paid for it. It’s not just what you pay but what you get for your money. Rockford’s customers feel as if they received over and beyond the value that they paid for. Rockford strives every single day to make their customers proud of their purchase.

Rockford Homes Testimonial Columbus Ohio

Trusting Rockford Homes

At Rockford Homes, each home is built on a solid foundation of quality, value, and trust. A new home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lives. We take pride in the trust central Ohio families have placed in us for over 30 years. Rockford Homes is a family owned company with a genuine commitment to its customers. We work closely throughout every step of the process with each homeowner and are just a call away even after the sale is complete.  You can trust that Rockford Homes has the consumer’s best interests in mind.