Find the open floor plan design that fits your family

For those who love an open floor plan design, we have lots of options for you to choose from, including:

In addition to opening up living spaces and creating the feeling of a much larger home, an open floorplan design actually lets you use more of the space in your home, making every area more easily accessible. By removing some of the interior walls, the natural light that comes in the windows fills the house with life.

Plus, an open floor plan design makes socializing easier and more natural, even when family members are each doing their own thing. Entertaining guests is easier, too; you can catch up with everyone in the dining area while preparing everything from the appetizers to desserts.

Rockford homes is dedicated to giving options and solutions for any family looking to build or purchase a new home in Columbus or its suburbs.

Homes with First Floor Master Suites

Homes with the master suite on the first floor have been gaining in popularity as people realize just how convenient it is. It provides greater privacy for you when your children are on the 2nd floor.

And when the kids are gone, a home with a first floor master suite allows you to remain in your home without having to go up the stairs should it become more difficult to navigate steps. When you have guests, they have more privacy when they’re on their own floor.

If you did decide to move, homes with first floor master suites are the most sought-after floor plan in a 2 story home, because they’re perfect for those with mobility issues, or empty nesters who no longer need to be on the same floor as their small children. A home with a first floor master suite will ultimately increase the resale value of your home.

Two Story Floorplans

We offer a wide variety of 2 story floor plans throughout Columbus and Central Ohio. If you’re looking for some of the best 2 story floor plans home builders in Columbus Ohio have to offer, check out our award-winning designs.

We have many open floor plan designs with gourmet kitchens. Your new home will be in some of the best school districts in Central Ohio, and in neighborhoods where kids can make new friends from day 1. What’s better than being able to walk, or ride, down the streets of a safe neighborhood to play with the neighbors’ kids for an afternoon?

Multi-Level Home Designs

For those wondering what the difference is between modern split level homes and multi-level home designs, essentially they’re the same. Either can have multiple floors, with the stairs either running half flights, or full flights, from one living level to another.

Our multi level home designs offer a variety of options.

Ranch Home Plans

For those who love ranch-style homes, Rockford Homes has a nice selection to choose from throughout Central Ohio.

For first-time home buyers, ranch home plans can be less costly. And should there be kids in the future, having everyone on one floor, not worrying about stairs, makes for convenient – and safer – living.

Those little aches and pains might make it inconvenient, if not impossible, to cover 2 floors of a home. There’s a reason why 55+ communities offer predominantly ranch-style homes, but for those who want a ranch home, but don’t want to live in a 55+ community, Rockford Homes has a great selection of ranch home plans.

Whether you are looking for your very first home, choosing to move up, or looking for a custom fit, Rockford has the solution for you.

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