Rockford Homes: Proud Supporter of Autism Power

Rockford Homes, is proud to announce a new partnership with Autism Power.  The organization seeks to build a community of young adults with autism spectrum disorder and their families.  Like Rockford Homes, Autism Power is based locally here in Central Ohio.  Its reach however, is much wider.  Autism Power is a collection of autism spectrum disorder researchers, community builders, and social enterprises with the goal of helping young adults with autism more readily access meaningful employment, social engagement, community participation, and ultimately independence.  To that end, Autism Power recently announced it will be managing the day-to-day operations of the Foertmeyer & Sons retail garden center in Delaware, OH.  Through operation of this retail store Autism Power will offer hands-on, individualized job training for young adults on the spectrum transitioning from a school setting into the workforce.  

“Autism is something that affects so many people around us and we are so proud to show our support for this worthy and noble organization that helps make the challenge of autism just a little bit easier,” said Pat Yoakam, Rockford Homes Vice President. “Supporting Autism Power allows our team to come together and give back to our community. Because Rockford is a privately held company based in and operating solely in Central Ohio, fostering community growth is a founding principal of our work and we are thrilled to be involved with this organization.”

Those interested in joining Rockford Homes in supporting Autism Power are encouraged to learn more by visiting