To build or to buy…that is the question you get asked as a realtor! 

Building gives your clients some options they can’t get with buying an existing home. At Rockford Homes, your Columbus, OH home builders, we specialize in building new homes, and working with you and your clients is a definite perk of the job. Why build? We’ve compiled some reasons you can use to help your clients understand the benefits of building a new home.

Dreamy Design

Your clients come to you with a vision of their dream home in their mind, and you know that building allows that vision to become a reality. How?

         Floorplan first:

Your clients might have specific places they want the laundry room or the extra storage to be. Do they want the master bedroom on the 1st or 2nd floor? Do they desire an open floor plan? A media room? Trying to find all your client’s needs and wants in an existing home can be an arduous task, but the sky’s the limit when building. A new build can be customized to their needs.

         Choices, Choices, Choices:

Your clients will be involved in choosing all the options used in the home’s design. How many times do your clients like a home, but not the floors, the cabinets, the fixtures, countertops or the lights? When building, they will pick out everything, thus completely being able to reflect their own style. You don’t have to show them multiple listings just to find one that has hardwood floors or a certain type of countertop.

Minor Maintenance

Many clients have questions about the maintenance that will be needed with an existing home and the electrical work or building standards used in the home. With a new build, everything is explained and chosen when building.


With a new build, there is little maintenance because everything is new and uses the latest updated building standards. Everything is under warranty so a new home comes with the added benefit of years of comfort and worry free living for your clients. They don’t have to worry about outdated electrical panels, old appliances, air conditioners or water tanks not working properly.

Energy Cost Savings and Safety

Your clients will want to know about the energy efficiency and the safety of an existing home, and building a new home means better quality housing products are being used. Clients will have the knowledge that they are using products that will lead to better efficiency, cost savings and safety.

         Energy Cost Savings:

New windows and insulation will offer cost savings to your clients especially, if they choose energy efficient windows and doors. New energy star appliances will yield high performance as well as savings.


New homes use paints, cabinets, and carpets that have low volatile organic compounds, making a home safer for the family. Electric garage door openers have infrared beams, which is a safety feature all homes should have. Your clients will know that everything in the home is up to the latest safety standards, giving them piece of mind.

A new build can be an exciting endeavor for your clients and your help will be an asset to them. Your skills as a realtor will help them understand the market and what questions to ask. You serve as independent representation, and will be their advocate. Introduce your clients to us so that we can get started building the home they are dreaming of!