At Rockford Homes, your established home builders in Columbus, Ohio, we understand that every home we build will take on your family’s tastes and personality. We love seeing your homes after you’ve added your finishing touches to our incredible floorplans. Which accents are perfect for your space? 

Accent Walls

Add drama to the room by accenting the ceiling or single wall with paint or wallpaper. Choose a color that complements or contrasts with your furnishings, depending on the look you’re going for. If using paint, try stripes or patterns as accents. If you aren’t sure you are ready for a permanent change, use removable wallpaper and wall murals, since they are easy to put up and easy to remove if you change your mind.

An accent wall doesn’t have to be paint or wallpaper. Use tiles or stone instead. Create a wall of photos or artwork. Open shelving can become a design feature on an accent wall, filled with collectibles that complement the style of a room.

Light fixtures

The rule of thumb is to have at least 2-3 sources of light in each room. Rooms that are dark can appear to look more cluttered. Do you have a grand foyer or a smaller yet beautiful foyer that you want to highlight and add a couture look? A chandelier might be just the ticket. Size really does matter here, since a chandelier that is too small or outdated will just look wrong. To keep your lighting from looking like it doesn’t belong, take shape, style, and function into account. 


We’ve all seen the decorated rooms on TV, and while that pile of pillows looks amazing, in reality it is a lot of clutter. A pillow should be used to add a pop of color, an interesting pattern, or texture. Use no more than 3 pillows on a bed, or a couple on a couch. Really love them? Put a variety on a window seat or beside the fireplace.


The collectibles and trinkets that we accumulate can overtake a space and just become clutter. Look at the design of the room and complete it with the appropriate accessories. Does it fit in the room? Try to place them with purpose. Can several be grouped together to tell a story? Dedicate a shelf in the laundry room, office, or spare room to house all those beloved items that you want to keep but don’t need everyone else to see. Keeping a few surfaces empty or with only one or two items will help your home look uncluttered. 

Furniture Placement

We all want to take advantage of the space in a room, but shoving all the furniture to the walls doesn’t really work. Even pulling some of the furniture away from the wall or creating one area that has furniture pulled together will create that couture look. Pick up color accents in the pillows, throws, or rugs. 

With any changes you make, you want it to reflect your family and the style of the home itself. Do what makes you happy, but understand that the dramatic red wall in the dining space might not appeal to a future buyer. With that said, repainting or removing personal accents if you have to sell isn’t hard to do. We’d love to help you create the home of your dreams, ready for you to add your own “accents.”