​Curious about what is going on in your neighborhood? We’ve got some ways you can be nosy, without alarming the neighbors.

At Rockford Homes, your Columbus, Ohio home builders, we know what is going on in the neighborhoods we build in. We know home prices, events, and what the neighbors are like, especially since many of them buy homes from us! But how can you know what’s going on in your neighborhood without appearing to be THAT neighbor. Nobody likes the “nosy” neighbor, but sometimes you just need to know what’s happening around you!

Auditor Site:

Have you ever gone to your County Auditor’s website? It is a plethora of information about your neighbors, and anything real estate. You can find out information about the home you want to buy or the homes around you.

All you need is the address or someone’s name and you can find out:
  • Current market value of a home
  • Name, address, and mortgage company for the home owner
  • Taxes being paid
  • Home data – square footage, number of rooms, lot size, and more
  • What the homes last sold for
  • Where it is on a map locator
  • Sale prices over the last 12 – 18 months in the surrounding areas

You could spend hours on the site looking up information. Did you move in and now can’t remember the neighbors’ names? A quick search will get you that and save you embarrassment! You can find out so much, but no one will be the wiser.

Neighborhood Sites and Crime Reports:

Tap into your county’s website that tracks local crime and offenders. Your own neighborhood may have an informational site with details on a concerning neighbor or crime occurring around you. A police scanner could give you peace of mind, as could tracking crime on websites that are available for that purpose.

Most of us are curious about our neighborhood. As a result of this curiosity, many neighborhoods have created their own informational sites. If your community doesn't have its own site you can always use a site like Nextdoor – Neighborhood News. These sites can be a storehouse of information, with options that are very user friendly. People can let others know about neighborhood events, items for sale or being given away, lost pets, classifieds, and crime watches. Worried about something like strange cars or break-ins? Posting the details will inform others and help everyone know what’s happening. 

Your city’s website can be a great place to find out information about what is going on around you too. See a public notice sign go up next door and don’t want to ask? Look it up. Want to find meeting minutes, community events, city projects, news, and more? The city website might have everything you need to know. And you don’t have to attend the meetings to find out. Don’t forget about the police department website either. This site will keep you up to date on crime, news, and alerts.

Do a Google Search:

Are you really nosy or just concerned? Doing a Google search can lead to a lot of information, or none at all. Need to know what your neighbor does or just can’t remember? You might just find that. Have you ever searched your own name? You might be surprised to see what is out there that you weren’t aware of. Check out Facebook or LinkedIn, and depending on the privacy measures in place, you might be able to learn something about your neighbors. There are sites available that will give more information, but most require you to pay for it, so caution is advised.

Do you want to see what someone's backyard looks like but there's a fence surrounding it? Or is there a yard that you just can't see into? Looking at satellite maps can be an interesting way to do some sleuthing without anyone noticing!

Uhhmm…Talk to Your Neighbors:

The above are all ways to be nosy, without having to ask questions. You might not want people to know you’re checking up on them, or trying to find out details about their home. But we hope that you will step out of your home, walk down the street, and interact with your neighbors. It might be embarrassing to ask someone’s name again, but chances are, they don’t remember yours either. Talking will help you find common interests, clear up any misconceptions you might have, and make your street a fun “hang out and enjoy the neighbors” place.

We love the neighborhoods where we have new homes for sale in Columbus, Ohio, and have loved getting to know each of our clients. We spend the necessary time to build a relationship with our home buyers. We're just nosy enough to gather the details necessary to build a home that fits your family's needs. Let us help you find your perfect home in your perfect neighborhood!