At Rockford Homes, established home builders in Columbus, Ohio, we want to help you and your clients on the journey to home ownership. Below are some tips for those clients that need guidance on what to do and what not to do at a showing.

Be There on Time

Showing up late is an inconvenience to the listing agent and seller; so if your clients are running late, reschedule the showing. 

Remove Your Shoes When Appropriate

As the realtor, set an example for your clients. Carrying plastic coverings with you and offering them to your clients is a subtle way of broaching this subject. 


It’s fine to flush the toilet and run water in the bathrooms and kitchens to check the pressure and listen to any noises coming from the pipes, but don’t let your clients use the toilet unless it’s an emergency. 

No Snooping

It’s perfectly acceptable to open built- in drawers and closets, but clients shouldn’t root through them. There is no reason a client should need to open cabinets or drawers in any freestanding piece of furniture. 

Leave the Snacks

Advise your clients to leave any snacks or drinks in the car during a showing. Accidents will happen, but you don’t want one on your watch!


If at all possible, have your clients leave the kids at home for showings. Kids will inevitably draw focus from the home. In the event your clients do bring their children, it’s a good idea to carry some items in your car that you can use to occupy the kids while business is conducted.

Think Before Speaking

Save detailed discussions with your clients about the home for the office or away from the home if the listing agent is present. Their job is to represent the seller. If your clients appear overly excited about the home it could make it harder to get the price you and your clients need or want for the home. 

Be Aware of Privacy Violations

Ask your clients not to take pictures in the home that contain items like the seller’s photos or personal objects.


It’s perfectly acceptable to be in the home for up to 30 minutes, but anything beyond that should be discouraged. You can always schedule a second showing if the buyer is really serious.

Setting ground rules ahead of time can prevent uncomfortable situations. The bottom line is to encourage your clients to be respectful. You can’t control other people’s actions, but you can be proactive.