Are you as excited about warmer weather as we are? At Rockford Homes, your Columbus, OH home builders, we love the sun, warm temperatures and the plants growing. But are you happy with how your porch, patio or deck looks? Does it need a change, or just some sprucing up this summer? We’ve rounded up some of the best tips, DIY projects and decorating ideas to get you motivated to power up your porch!

Curb Appeal:

Creating a fun and welcoming vibe is just what summer means. There are so many ways to make the outside of your home look amazing!

  • Find or make a welcoming doormat. Look for bright colors, simple wood slats, or anything else that makes you smile. You could even buy a plain coir rug and paint it yourself using outdoor paint. Using a doormat will welcome friends while cutting down on dirt coming in your home.
  • Hang a small chalkboard near your front door with a fun note. This could be a fun way to say hi to your mailperson, leave a note for a delivery person, or to greet guests for a party. (DIY project from Ask Anna)
  • Plant flowers in pots on the front porch. Color instantly brightens up any entrance. Find pots that are different sizes, colors and shapes to add visual interest.
  • Make your own house number and personalize it to dress up your porch. (DIY project from Crafts Unleashed)
  • If your porch is large enough, add a chair or two, a small outdoor rug and some other decorative items. This might just inspire some front porch conversations with your neighbors.

Enhance Your Patio/Deck:

You love your patio or deck and everyone loves spending time out back. But what can you do to punch up the look of the space?

  • Add lighting! There are so many options. String lights across the deck in whatever pattern works for you. Hang rope lights from the walls, deck rails, or even underneath or along the edges of your patio for some dramatic lighting. Buy solar powered torches, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting to extinguish oil lit ones. You can find many options online for DIY chandelier lighting projects, too.
  • Creat accent tables. Turn a terracotta pot into an accent table. (Project from Thrifty & CHIC)
  • Have seating for everyone! Provide a variety of seating options, so everyone is comfortable. Have kids? Be sure to have chairs their size. Feeling crafty? Create this Hammock Swing.
  • Make an outdoor bar. There are tons of DIY ideas online. A fun one we found uses pallets and doesn’t look too difficult.
  • A fire pit is a must. You can find kits at the hardware stores, you can have one built for you, or you can DIY it. There are so many options out there. Be sure it’s big enough for your family and friends to gather around and make s’mores!
  • Add some outdoor curtains to create instant privacy. Or build a DIY Garden Slat Wall.
  • Make a raised planter bed. Fill it with herbs you can use to create some amazing summer meals.
  • Add edging to add drama to your flowerbeds. Use rocks, pavers, pre-made fencing, or search the Internet for unique options.
  • Make it colorful! Take care of your grass, add flowers, find some fun outdoor pillows for the chairs and hang up some outdoor artwork. Make it inviting, fun and friendly.

When you buy a home from us, we’ll be sure to make your vision for your porch, patio or deck come true. You’ll just need to add the details. Have fun with your DIY projects this summer!