You’ve got the best intentions when you move into your new home, especially one you’ve built with us at Rockford Homes, your Columbus, Oh home builders. You’ve emptied all the boxes, found places for most of your stuff, and are thrilled to have a large garage. But then life happens, and your cars start spending more and more time outside of the garage. How can you get your garage back, and make everyone happy in the process? You can make better use of the space – and maybe create some cool areas in the process.


Before you can do anything, you must declutter. Go through everything in the garage and put everything into groups – keep, pitch, donate, and sell. After you divide everything up, then you’ll get a true picture of how much storage you need. Just make sure you actually purge the stuff you don’t want or need soon!


This is where you can let your creative eye shine through, or at least your Pinterest board pins! Take a serious look at your garage space and visualize where things in your keep pile can go. Capitalize on vertical storage, which makes the best use of space. One option to consider is that if you live in an area that allows sheds, this might be a good option to keep items like mowers, gas cans, and little used items out of the garage. Build or buy a good looking shed, landscape around it, and it will provide you with plenty of storage.

What kinds of storage can you consider?
  • Baskets, hooks, and nails – Hang these on the walls to get items up and off the floor. This is a great way to store yard equipment like shovels, rakes, and snow shovels. Hang bikes on hooks from the ceiling or wall when not in use.
  • Cabinets – These provide tons of storage and allow you to get any chemicals up and locked away. Choose ones that are water and mold resistant.
  • Shelving – Open shelving allows you to see what you are storing, and gives you easy access to those items. Buy premade shelving units or build one. Be sure they are secured to the wall. Use clear bins or color coordinated ones to store seasonal items. Label all the bins so you don’t forget what’s in them and waste time looking for something! Put the kids’ items on the bottom shelves to allow easy access.
  • Workshop – Build a workshop area with shelves, bins, and an area that you can do some work. Have you ever seen one that has a folding workbench? Attach the workbench to the wall so that it hangs flat and then lifts and locks into place when you need to work. Most garages have plenty of space that would work for this. Then it’s out of the way, but organized.

Look at the Space:

Wow! It’s bigger than you realized. Now that you’ve cleared it out, created storage, have room for the cars, there’s still space left over. If you’re lucky enough for this scenario, what can you do with the space?

  • Create a loft – If your ceilings are high enough, create a loft space for the kids or you! Install a folding ladder and you’ve got an instant fort for the kids, more storage, or a man cave. Maybe you could even design your home with this idea.
  • Do you have a 3-car garage or a large recessed area at the back of the garage? Turn it into a man cave, a workshop, a storage haven, or a craft area for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes we think we must use all the space for cars, but you might not need it.
  • Create a Mudroom area – All you need for this is a space by the door into the home. A bench with storage, some hooks on the wall, and a rug gives your kids a place to store shoes, sports equipment and coats, keeping the mess outside! You can even hang wooden crates or baskets on the wall – one for each family member.

Garages are much more than we give them credit for. Take some time, really look at the space, and imagine what you can do with it to make it work for your family. We build amazing new homes in Columbus with impressive garages and we’d be happy to help you come up with storage ideas, or ideas to make your garage a more unique space.