Is there something missing from your life? You search through photos and friends try to set you up, but you just can’t find the one. But then, the photo pops up on your screen, and you just know it – this is the one you’ve been waiting for! Is this the start of a new relationship? No, it’s the dream home you’ve been searching for! At Rockford Homes, we know searching for a new home can be as daunting as going on a first date. But just how are they alike?

Be Patient- Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Just like dating, you have to sift through many options before finding the home you want to live in. Emotions can run high when you walk through the front door expecting to see everything you’ve been dreaming about, but then you start to see the flaws. It turns out the rooms aren’t large enough, the space not open enough, or the outdoor entertaining space is lacking. You may have to look at many homes, or go on several dates before you know what you want. The more homes you look at, the clearer your vision will be, and when you walk into the right home, especially a Rockford Home, you’ll know that your patience has paid off. This is the home you’ve been looking for.

It’s a Numbers Game

Don’t be blinded by what you see. You might think this home is everything you want, just like getting to know someone, but what can you afford? Does the appearance, the open space, or the area blind you? It’s all numbers when buying a home, so be sure you have your finances in order, know your budget, and don’t get swept away by your emotions. Stick to your plan and work with the realtor or builder to stay within your budget. But sometimes taking a small risk is worth it; so don’t discount a home solely based on price. You might get the deal of your life!

Like Dating, The Internet Has Changed the Game

Swipe right or swipe left? The Internet has made it easier than ever to make a first impression. Homes may look great online, but in person, not live up to expectations. On the flip side, it may be the best looking home you’ve ever seen. You can be flooded with home sites, so you need to be sure to sift through them with a critical eye. Gone are the days of only seeing homes a realtor finds for you. Homebuyers are more in control, due to the proliferation of home options found on sites. Homes can be sorted due to your criteria, making it easier to make your home search more effective. Your realtor or builder still has a critical role in home buying, but with the internet, you can start the process and eliminate the duds!

Every date and every home you tour has pros and cons. Each home is going to have things about it you’ll love, and things you’d want to change. At Rockford Homes, we’re here to make your home search a great date! We’ll work with you to be sure we create the best “match” for you.