Whether you’re moving into a new home, like one of our Rockford Homes for sale in Columbus, Ohio, or renovating an existing home, what upgrades are worth it? Some upgrades benefit you when you sell, but any upgrade could be considered “worth it” for your comfort and the life that happens in your home. However, when thinking about upgrades, keep them consistent with the neighborhood. Of course your home can be “nicer” than some homes around you, but unless you plan on living in the home forever, don’t upgrade it right out of your neighborhood’s market. What’s worth your money? Not only for your enjoyment but when and if you sell your home.

Fabulous Flooring

No matter what kind of flooring you choose, wood, tile, or carpet, don’t skimp on the quality. Wood flooring is always in style and a popular choice used in entryways and main living areas, including the kitchen. Wood-look tile provides a good return for the money and is extremely durable, especially in high-moisture areas. High-grade carpet is still sought after in bedrooms, adding warmth.

Lustrous Lighting

Lighting should come from all around you wherever you are in the room, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Overhead and task lighting is vital for all work areas. Under cabinet lighting, in addition to recessed lighting in the kitchen, is helpful when you are cooking. Pendant lights and chandeliers not only provide light but add drama to a space. Task lighting should be in areas used for reading, homework, office, etc. Truly, a room can’t have too much lighting, since you use different lights for different purposes. Providing a variety of lighting options will not only serve your family’s needs; it is an important upgrade.

Complete Closets

We all want space for our “stuff”, be it clothes, sports equipment, outdoor clothing, or other items. Having a variety of shelving options, storage components, plenty of hanging space, hooks, and anything that optimizes the space, is worth the investment in all rooms of the home. Don’t overlook the coat closet, a craft closet, as well as your bedroom closets. We don’t know anyone that has walked into a home and thought there were too many closets!

Culinary Kitchens

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and most upgrades are worth it! High-quality cupboards with soft-close doors are always popular. Pull-out pantry shelves provide more storage and are easier to get into than open shelving. Invest in energy-efficient quality appliances. Islands are a good idea, as they provide work space, and face it, a place for friends and family to gather around.  Adding a backsplash is a good bang for the buck, and the type of tile might not really matter. However, keep the tile from being too personalized if you might be selling your home sooner than later. The farmhouse sink is being shown everywhere, but any sink upgrade is a good idea.

Endless Electricity

One thought that won’t break the bank is having outlets easily accessible in all areas of the home. When designing your home or renovating, walk the rooms to see where outlets are likely to be needed. What about inside or above cabinets? Have a dedicated homework space?  Laundry rooms? Extra outlets are a must. What about a generator connection outlet? How many times have you been somewhere and had to search for an outlet? Don’t make the same mistake in your home.

Breathtaking Basements

Finishing the basement by adding usable space and adding usable square footage to the basement is always going to be a welcome upgrade. This is especially important if you have kids and live in an area where families will continue to move to. Create spaces in the basement that are dedicated to entertaining, the children’s play space, a craft room, and more. The possibilities are endless and will be worth it for you.

Don’t Forget!

While these may seem like little things, they are upgrades that can make a difference. Door and cabinet hardware should not be the run of the mill options; set your doors and cabinets apart from other homes in your neighborhood. The same goes for bathroom and kitchen faucets and showerheads. Does your home have a usable mudroom, or at least an area that works as a mudroom? If not, this space is worth adding to your home. Put up cabinets in the garage, and add niches in the shower and tub walls.

What upgrades do you think make the difference? When you work with us to build your new home, we’ll help you choose options that will work best for your family’s wants and needs. Our personalized homes could inspire you to build your new home!