Do you like a neutral color palette on your walls? Do you crave color everywhere? The colors you choose for your walls and décor can have an impact on your mood.

At Rockford Homes, your Columbus, OH home builders, we see color blooming everywhere in peoples’ homes. Color tells us many things about ourselves and can influence how we feel. Painting a room one single color may not develop the mood you are trying to achieve. You might just need one wall to be a different, more dramatic or calming color. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors. Here are some ideas to impact your mood.


If you prefer neutral colors on your walls, adding bursts of color can create a feeling of well-being. The neutral palette is calming, but colors, especially pink (which stimulates the feeling of joy), can add a feeling of wellness to your mood. Doesn’t seeing unexpected colors always bring a smile to your face? Changing one wall to a brighter color will make an even bigger, mood elevating statement.


Does being outside instantly create a sense of calmness or being in tune with yourself and your emotions? We love to see the blues, greens, browns, oranges and soft yellows that make up nature’s palette. These colors can work in any room in your home. Adding these colors to your walls will evoke restorative feelings of the outdoors.


Do you find yourself being more creative when surrounded by luscious pastels? Combining pastels with neutral colors will bring out your inner creativity. On the flip side, using a bold red can create excitement and energy, so if creativity isn’t your strength, using red might be the way to go. A dining room in red could make for lively stimulating conversation. We all know that when we have an opportunity to be creative we feel energized!


Muted tones on walls instantly creates the feeling of serenity. Use gray tones and warm and cool neutrals to bring instant calm to a room. Blues and grays are soothing colors, and if used in bedrooms and bathrooms can be soothing. Green is another good choice, as it creates a feeling of comfort and unwinding. Greens can be used in all rooms as a very restful and calming color.

Reducing Tension

If you often find yourself feeling stressed, using colors in shades of green, blues and purples may help you feel less tension. Lime and purple or a blue-green shade may boost your mood and relax you. Surprisingly, lighter purples are restful.

The most important thing to remember is that color reflects who you are and what story you want to tell. Just because something is the trend of the year doesn’t mean it is right for you! Color is a personal choice, and you are the one that gets to make that choice. At Rockford Homes, we get that. We’ll work with you to create a home palette that reflects your priorities and your dreams!